"I really enjoyed the coaching session last week as you kept the focus on my business ideas and skillfully made me aware of options that I hadn't previously considered. You provided objective, positive viewpoints that were invaluable, and giving me the mind-map plan at the end was very helpful, as it meant that I had reference points to think about later. Thank you."
Small Business Owner

"I was guided to recognise and acknowledge my strengths, to take confidence in them, build on them and use them to the best effect possible to achieve work objectives. I learnt a lot about myself, and have used this knowledge ever since to ensure effective relationships and how I go about attaining goals in life, both on a personal front and work.

Working in what we all now recognise as a very fast moving environment, means opportunities to receive feedback on how effectively you are working are few and far between. Working with Marilyn provided time and space, and with her guidance, supported self-reflection. This meant the blind side many of us have to our own strengths, was brought to the forefront of my mind, resulting in far more successful ways of working with others to achieve aims set out in workplace.

I learnt a lot about myself, understood what my strengths were and appreciated the value of building on these strengths. I now use these to the best effect for everything I do in work as well as at home.

Since I met Marilyn and was coached by her, my career catapulted at such a rate, it astounds me the progress I have made. I love what I do and never thought I would be able to operate and influence at the level I do.

Marilyn's work is driven by her core values. Her entire focus is ensuring those she works with reach their potential. She is honest, perceptive, and challenging, and builds all of these aspects into nurturing safe relationships to ensure each individual can be the best they can.

Marilyn is adaptable, flexible, fun but most importantly challenging. I never left a coaching session without being committed to do something out of my comfort zone, and every single time it paid off; benefiting those I worked with as well as myself."

NHS Manager's Testimonial